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What am I trying to achieve? Be interesting and informative, amusing where possible.
We've done the health in old age and exercise. There is still room for senior moments. Travel interests readers.
Then stories, about anything.
How am I trying to achieve it? The site comprises current and previous personal writing. It links to wordpress sites where the writing is mostly archived. The blogger set-up, whilst less sophisticated than wordpress, is a little easier and quicker for me to deal with.

The site is made up of blog posts and pages.
Clic on topics within index of posts to follow the blog. Content as follows
  • Some thinking about being old and how to do it as well as we can. 
  • Connected are the daft things that happen, usually referred to as senior moments.
  • Coffee is a more recent interest.
  • Sports are always included in my writing.
  • Family is huge.

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The content as follows:
Some of these are drafts. Revised versions may be around as well. The Casuals were a Sunday social cricket team, starting around 1950 and finishing in the early 2012/13.
Shalliley Books is a social enterprise publisher - word of mouth - local interest, history and sport.

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