Training 3 (15m)


The Cricketers, Netherthong with, sadly, a boules pitch in a poor state of repair. If anyone is interested in rugby union, a visit to the cricketers during a six nations game is interesting. Full of men of a certain age (their rugby days well behind them), creating a lot of noise, eating pies and generally making beasts of themselves. I couldn't get a seat and gradually was moved to the end of the bar by a series of guys forever buying more beer.

Honley rec and cricket club with its iconic pavilion. Proceeds from 'It's not Lord's' have made a small contribution to the restoration  (clic to read more)

Neiley playing fields, Honley. Home to Holmfirth Harriers

 One of the few things I've won - the 5 mile handicap. I got 20 minutes and set off last. Arrived 19 minutes and 59 seconds behind the winner. He was an elite runner with a nice line in snearing, as were most of the elites. Late 1980s.

Brockholes station

New Mill hidden in the trees. Lunch on the balcony of New Mill Club.

Holy Trinity, Hepworth

Choppards and Arrunden, from the corner of a Dickinson's field.

I must get a tutorial 

1. Victoria Springs  2. Upperthong  3. Netherthong  4. Honley  5. Brockholes  6. Thurstonland
7. New Mill  8. Hepworth  9. Dickinson's

Great Fartown win against Hull FC. Entertaining Welsh win in Europe. Dirty Italy lose
Could Gove be a psychopath?