Awayday/week Alnmouth Aug 2023


Our third or fourth time, Judith's first. I thought I knew where the apartment was, but wrong. So, visit the PO and get on the phone, number from the main street agency or so we thought. Wrong again, wrong holiday agency. No wonder no one we asked knew where it was. Until someone was helpful. We'd to say sorry to ourselves for the blunder and to the staff that couldn't help.

Left the car at the apartment - everywhere by bus. Timetables could be confusing, so Lindisfarne was a no-no. Otherwise quite relaxing along rural agricultural and coastal routes.

We walked locally a couple of times. Took in the gallery and the golf club for a coffee as well as the pub. A 7-miler finished with great fish and chips from The Hope and Anchor.



Another small village and harbour. Busy but not a lot to do other than visit Dunstanburgh castle and 
The Jolly Fisherman (fish and chip van in the car park). Robinson's smokery opposite.


Congested lunch. More hungry starlings.
But, if you don't like cars, dogs or sight-seeing boat trips, don't go to Seahouses.


Very busy. Barter Books full. White Swan empty. Memories of looking for Tourist Info in the theatre and asking for train times from the stage staff. Lunch at The Market Tavern - great mackerel and chicken liver pate platter.

A brilliant part of the world.


A couple of odd things, then Em's very own flower - Aug 2023

Who put the dog with specs on my shed door?

This older acrobat juggled for us in Uppermill.

Series of em's sunflower - it's a cracker

Honey Juniors guard of honour at 'Town' match

 All excited as the coach tries to herd them into the stadium.
Town legend 'Boothy' has a kind word - he still lives in Honley.
Then chaos back to their seats - up and down to toilet and cafe.
Matthew and myself were supporting Jenson.
Moment pre-match when standing along with the teams (Town and Leicester).
Vardy was a sub.
Only decent shot of the game was the decider. We lost.
I'm not sure if any of the boys watched it.


Garden glimpses (5) - august 2023

          It started as a seed in a small plastic pot. Germinated on Lou's kitchen window and look at it now. Nurtured well and strong thankfully. Not quite twice Em's height.


From Bob Carrick's flying club pal -  a fair crop. Still green.
Simon Barnes curation - originally a Mexico plant, with an Aztec name. A fruit (like peppers, cucumber and green beans) in the nightshade family like potatoes. Around 1500, came to Europe with Cortez more as an ornament. Porugese traders introduced it to India and China.
Heinz started ketchup in 1876, with sugar and vinegar.
Subject of a Gershwin song 'Let's call the whole thing off.'

assorted plants