Garden glimpses and Emily

Had difficult sleeping


Wednesday 29th September, Tanya Gold, The Times.

The petrol panic - easy - there are too many cars on the road. 40 million.
Too many big ones. Only farmers need them - and maybe big caravan owners.
It's dangerous to park, walk and cycle.
Don't talk to me about journeys - I could walk quicker.
Dr Beeching started it all - 'He couldn't see a future in which our cars choked us, our parking spaces flooded our homes, and drivers, in seeking fuel, threatened to paralyse the country.'

Can we get a government commitment to get cars off the roads?

I broadly agree with this summary. I keep saying I could stop driving and car ownership tomorrow. Have I really thought that through? One car less won't make a lot of difference to pollution and the rest, but I'd be happier.

Random - Solar fountain - Wizard of Oz

It works - when the sun shines

The wizard was brilliant
The bee was the size of a Buick (courtesy of Annie Hall the movie)

Older role models keep active

iron wood stone earth heat

stile gate wall walk sun trees shade

people path purpose 

Awaydays - Older role models stay active with 40 year old son at Butlins Skegness

 Butlins Skegness - good enough for us

Crazy wobbly fairground mirror soon covered with towel. Unsavoury images.

Alphabet kitchenware only. J-cloth and T-towel. Cutlery fine.

Stella £4.50, so not all lost.

Overall feel is tired and unkempt but we were in the cheap seats. In need of a coat of paint - our bit anyway. It kind of suited two 74 year olds.

Ordering from BurgerKing was a foreign language - to me anyway. Andrew and the guy serving were fluent. He kept asking me to repeat myself, so I gave in and Andrew interpreted. I was with mask.

The walk to Ingoldmells was hampered by several black dogpoo bags. Full and thank you, but need to be placed in bins, which sadly were missing down on the beach.

This week, query all weeks, was serious obesity week - it felt like every third lady or so, plus some guys. Thin people thin on the ground? It's perception - when something is so startling there seems to be more of it.

Like buying a new car. Suddenly they're everywhere.

Similarly disability transport, chairs, scooters etc. Could have had an F1/chair meet.

Skegness birthday meal in The Tipsy Cow. Standard fare that went down well. Lots of left over chips.

Skegness sports bar was showing Italy vs Finland. Minor International cricket on an all-weather strip and a ploughed field. They were all Sri-Lankans.

Lots of flyovers. Too high to see, but you can hear them - Eurofighters.

Older role models finished knackered, so Sunday is a day of rest.