dostadning (death dealing) - Swedish tidying up before you die

 curation -  The Times - Oct 14th

Margaret Magnusson talks to Alice Thomson

Death dealing - tidying affairs and clutter before you die. Supposedly a fun thing and start early. Don't expect everything to be sorted out by your kids: they will be upset enough. So get rid of useless items before you leave the stage. While you still have the energy. And celebrate what they meant to you. Pass stuff on to people who would benefit and appreciate it. Otherwise trash or charity shops. 

    Start with clothes then photos and other personal items. Organise the finances. Talk to the family.

    Don't complain and do what you enjoy. Ailments and disappointments are boring.

Time and Tide - Scarborough Oct 2023


Scarborough sun and smiles
strollers surfers dogs clock cafe people
the day after Babet

We were warned tot to go.
Not only a visit to the clock but the Filey distillery as well. Went by no.12 service bus round a few villages - Cayton, Muston, Grisethorpe and Hunmanby. There's a stained glass place somewhere there which we will try and find again. Good food at the whisky spot. And it would be churlish not to buy a bottle of 'Flagship'.

Garden glimpses (7) Robinia - vision of colour soon to fall

  autumn wind in the trees

breathy whisper in the leaves

 hearable spite the breeze

Can it be true? - Two mature ladies and one older gent win the latest floodlit tournament.

Then....... suddenly, amongst the descending mist and gloom, appeared a ghostly figure who unleashed yet another winning boule .......

Old skill metal balls
Twilight cheeky phantoms win
Laugh less stern more future

old skill new marbles
twilight mature singers win
enjoy more tomorrows

                                              qui est-ce