At last, sardines and port

The waiter informed us even cheap port was worth drinking.
Enough said.

Tapas that never was

Obidos, Portugal. 
Great small bistro off the main track. Sandwiches, an omelette, several drinks and tapas for me.
It never arrived.
Rather than not getting anything, we usually get something interestingly different from what we ordered (eg chocolate cake instead of a sandwich in Warsaw).

It's not Scarboro

A few haphazard images of eating, drinking and beach.
Lisbon and San Martino, Portugal.

Casuals in their sixties

Nos's 40th birthday celebrations produced a gathering of former Almondbury Casuals, including these three who just about squeezed onto the bench in front of Thongsbridge CC pavilion: Dave Walker, Greg Smith and Sam Stier.
  The Casuals were formed in the 1950s and played friendly Sunday cricket until quite recently when players began to find other things to do with their time. A sad end to an institution which gave a lot of people a lot of pleasure.