Heavy metal in Heckmondwike

Click on a video of    red lion heavy metal gig

and understand my reaction 

My son Andrew has become a regular at the Red Lion in Heckmondwike. It's a basic spot with tolerant well-informed landlord and lady. Most customers are familiar with Andrew now and he is included in their banter and events, including Jordan's 18th birthday bash. Quite where he was drinking previously is not known. And bash is the right word - a physical as well as musical experience.

Needless to say Andrew enjoys his heavy metal nearly as much as he enjoys beer. And we were relieved that he has found a safe haven, for now.

How do you make the return journey?

Bus from Ramshill. A stroll on Filey beach after a coble coffee. Ignore the Primrose Valley route inland and you could struggle. Hunmanby gap is a long way from Hunmanby so you need somewhere in between. But it's all private or so the signs say. Trespass. Up the old Butlin's path, right into wilderness, through a small gap in the razor wire and steel fence, and you're into the Haven tat, pardon my judgement. But, you may need assistance to find the way out. Lovely lunch at the Original Oak.

Check the times and still it doesn't come. The bus stop query phone number doesn't work. Back to the Oak. A man at the bar offers us a lift, downs his pint and picks up a walking stick. 'Mind the dog hairs', he says. We had other passenger things on our minds. 'That bus stop is way out of date. You need the garage. The land is not private down to the beach. It's something that troubles the locals.'

Filey bus station. Our lift limps into Tesco. We join a man in the queue who doubles as the talking timetable. 'Where do you want to go? You've just missed it. The x20'll be along in 10 minutes. Do you want to come back?' Two buses for Bridlington come and go.

    Success, but we never made it to Hunmanby.

Unruly jungle garden

bush folk use toxic tips
but did you know you should never prune 
during the shooting season?                                          click on      pruning bamboo