Three Towers - a weekend in the borders

The borders ?is/are a largely rural district of SE Scotland, between Northumberland and Edinburgh.
Famous for abbeys and rugby clubs. Proud of their textile history.

1. Waterloo monument - early 19th century, marks the battle.

200 metres above Teviotdale. You can climb it for a fee..

Surrounded by woodland and green undergrowth - brambles, ferns, laurel, nettle, buttercups.

Stunning view.

BBQ - single pot with a block of charcoal in the bottom. Convenient and portable. No controls.

2. Monteath Mausoleum - built 1864 to commemorate the general who is actually interred in Glasgow.

Another great view.

                                                                      buck moon

                        3. Smailholm - The Pringle family weren't taking any chances when they built a tower house to keep out the notorious Border Reivers: it's got 2.5m thick walls.

between Jedburgh and Kelso

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