Older role models have a night out at the local rugby club. New Mill sings on a hill.

Lockwood Park and The John Smith's stadium

Huddersfield New College rugby reunion at Lockwood Park. We had a decent team (union) for a short moment in the late 50s/60s, looked after by Ron Capper. At 74 I'm the youngest.

Alan Roberts organises.

The meal was a couple of good slices of pork, preceded by a small Yorkshire pudding, smothered in gravy.

Opportunities to catch up and reminisce.

16 attendees this year. Older role models to a man.

Barry Rhodes presided over a 'What do you know about Huddersfield' quiz. Not without controversy.

Last game of the regular season at the stadium vs Leigh. Fartown (league) ran out easy winners after a slow first half. Not a sporting classic but we enjoyed ourselves.

New Mill Male Voice Choir

New Mill MVC up in hills - remembering David Haigh, a choir member who died earlier this year.

clic on link for Pratty Flowers and Peace on Earth


Awayday - Buxworth Basin - Sept 13.3

 Buxworth, Derbyshire

Similar to the Slamannan mineral line in Central Scotland.

Dave's Notebook

Hayley Mills is 75. Her autobiography is called 'Forever Young".

The address for this blog is Shallilo-foreveryoung.org.

During my publishing moment, the Wordpress site was Shallileybooks.



Peta Bee continues to encourage us to do something  - 'Weekend', Times Aug 21st. 

(1) Midlife fitness. (2) Getting started. (3) Best exercises for women over 40.


Overweight exercisers burn fewer calories.

So says the Universities of Roehampton and Ottawa.
There's no getting away from it guys - it's about reducing daily calorie intake.


Body and Soul, Times, Oct10, 2020.

Don't overdo the fitness
Connect with friends
Practice whatever it is that makes you calm - doesn't have to be yoga
Put the phone away
Know your core values
Have fun

Looks a simple list but how about it when you are at the top of your tree? There's more, but start with one or two.


From a 9/11 eye witness 20 years on

Heard on the Today programme, Radio4; 'Don't worry about the little things and don't forget to say I love you.'


Straight up

 store shed shelter shade

strong stalk storm surviver

uncowed honest nature 

Lost and Found near Spennymore.

North East again supporting Fartown

There's not a lot to say about Spennymore. Wetherspoon's was good. We caught the bus to Durham.

The ladies stayed in Durham. A river walk and couple of coffee/scone stops. The men went by train to Newcastle.

Bishop Aukland has seen happier times. Square is great, but little cafe life or people. Must have been vibrant once. The miner's art gallery is brilliant. Tribute to grim reality and talent.
Good coffee bar in Town Hall.

We were staying in a rural apartment in Kirk Merrington, so going to Spennymore didn't help. Rang our hostess, Sue, who we subsequently learned was at a wedding. Went to the local - no help there. Went back to where we first thought of and down a very narrow lane confronted a tractor and man cutting hedges. He knew the property, but thought we were looking for a long-term let. More confusion until we looked beyond a private gate and there was the cottage, as per brochure-photograph. Next, how to get in? Friendly hedge-cutter to the rescue. Outbuilding and hook behind the door. Perfect.
Thank goodness for hedges.

I felt a bit guilty - had I read all the instructions? Yes. Sue mailed us and all was well.

Next day, on our way out to the village, another huge truck narrow track. Backed up and let us through.

The weather was kind enough for us to sit out for drinks in the evenings.

We lost to Wakefield at the RL Magic Weekend (St James Park). We were there 60 minutes before kick-off and enjoyed the media scrum preparations as much as the game, which no longer has scrums. £5 for a tin of Coors. I think it's lager. Vietnamese snacks from corner shop round the corner. Filling but sweet dressing on bacon and sausage.

Spennymore Settlement - 'To encourage tolerant neighbourliness and voluntary social service, and give its members opportunities for increasing their knowledge, widening their interests, and cultivating their creative powers in a friendly atmosphere.'
   Started in 1930s to support a depressed community. Known as the 'pitman's academy'. Still meets regularly. Something nicer to say.

Called in at Bedale for coffee on the way home. Half hour later Pete couldn't open car door. Parked outside a flower-shop. The proprietor suggested locksmith who suggested more elbow. Success but the car alarm activated. Flower-shop lady phoned someone who suggested phone number of the garage in Leeming. Mechanic tried to solve it over the phone but needed in person.
  We all agreed that complexity breeds more stuff to go wrong. Safe home.
  Thank goodness for flower shops and their ladies.

Awayday - York

The transport revolution started as support for industry back in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Canals followed by railways and steam locomotives - steam engines that moved themselves and a load of wagons full of coal.

Then passengers.

Now romance of steam nostalgia. Apologies to the girl in the urinal.


Older people volunteer at Ossett Brewery - Forget-Me-Not children's hospice

 Our annual pilgrimage to Ossett Brewery. Only not last year for obvious reasons. Very popular. All for Forget-Me-Not. Bands as well.