Mary's gold
sun bright insect magnet
celebrates life


long stems purple bells
good for the heart an old wife said
take care, such beauty, such poison



grey fuzzy flits scurries
smaller than the smallest bird
braves the decking-world


Away - Ingoldmells and Skegness

It is a regular trip, Andrew's only annual holiday. He fits into the Butlins diversity/variety show, though this time we didn't do much joining in. Still made it to Fantasy Island and Skegness. Sheila and I came down with gastrointestinal disasters (me there and Sheila on return).
Long journey down, though only 15 minutes over recommended time. Due to my remiss lane discipline on the M180. No pub lunch as a result, but stopped just at the edge of Skegness.
On arrival and unloaded we discovered the bars were using plastic glasses throughout the site. We discovered they'd had an E Coli outbreak. So plastic became the order of the day. (There are a lot of bodies in a relatively small space). There was an officious bar lady guarding the door which put us off a touch, until you want a drink.
The apartment was cosy and clean, quite private. 

The Beach

Andrew adopted this caravan on the beach for breakfast. Good cappocino for me. A dredger type of ship just off shore - the Van Oord. We asked workers on land what was happening - "we, the environment agency, are replacing the beach, since 1994 and finish this year." And sure enough there was a big long tube coming up the beach and pumping sand, lots of it.

The central tent complex in Butlins - bars, restaurants, arcades, stages and so on. Not for us this year, but impressive sight, from the beach and from our front window.


Walk along the beach. This pic is as close as I want to be, but Andrew took advantage of an inclusive ticket for £24. He quickly got through several 'A' rides to get his money back. The tower is called a shot tower. Something about going up and down very fast. Was there a connection to the making of lead shot bullets - dropping from a height into a tower full of water?


Weatherspoons and the Tipsy Cow are sites of previous visits. 'Spoons' is good. Log flume is a perennial attraction and very wet. 1898 Jubilee Clock Tower on the front. Always one or two crazy golf rounds.
Following day again walking on the front to the Beachcomber, sitting out with a couple of pints.
So what did we think. Just comes out positive I think. Nice apartment, good self-catered food and drink with pleasant walks up and down the coast.
Sadly the bowels let us down at the finish, but we had already decided this was our last trip. Return journey as awkward as coming, but we made it.