Resistance bands and pilates - a great strength programme for oldies

From The Telegraph 9th January 2018, author Sarah Knapton

Describing a recent study on the ageing heart, University of Texas. 'Exercising five times a week can reverse damage to ageing hearts and prevent cardiac failure for middle-aged couch potatoes'.

Ideally begin before the aged of 65, but you are never too old. 'One hour a week of tennis, cycling, running, dancing or brisk walking, as well as two or three 30 minute sessions of moderate exercise, such as swimming, and a session of strength training'.

'It should be part of personal hygiene - just like brushing teeth and taking a shower'.

'The results were so extraordinary that the regime should be prescribed for life'.


My brother struggled to get back to fitness after a recent illness. A commendable three mile walk and more per day. I'm up and down with my exercise programme, so I never achieve my goals. I'm forever work in progress.


In pilates we occasionally use elastic bands - adult size ones a couple of metres in various colours and stiffness. Stretch them around your feet and do arm raises with the free ends and you have the basis of a strength programme. It's true and cheap - no costly gym equipment.

An example is as follows - pilates work out

a good substitute for weight training

apologies for the fuzzy images and the hangdog look, but the idea is there