My grandson likes sloths - I think I do too April15.4

Random moments from a senior something

From Wiki - arboreal Neotropical xenarthran mammals, constituting the suborder Folivora. Well I did look it up so I have to take the medicine. Noted for their slowness of movement, they spend most of their lives hanging upside down in the trees of the tropical rainforests of South America and Central America.

They lose one third of body weight with their weekly poo for which they climb down to the bottom of their tree and do a dance of delight.

Slow and cool otherwise.

It's rebirth when the lambs arrive

Maybe a metaphor - get the jab

Cloth central or was

cold sun dank undrain
powers millpond bulrushes
 that now spin and weave

Dave's notebook Apri13.3


Dave's Covid notebook

Don’t let the covids in

They’ve got some living to do

Can’t leave it up to them

They’re knocking on our door 

        Wise men have known all along

        That one day this would come

        Rules are there for reasons

        Don’t let the covids in

                Many moons we have lived

                Our bodies weathered and worn

                It’s not just our age that concerns

                Our frailty makes it so hard

                        Many things we have done

                        Some good and some bad

                        Leave your sorrows behind

                        Enjoy the love that you have

                                Stay true to yourself

                                Keep as trim as you can

                                Sing and dance a safe space

                                Don’t let the covids in

                                            Hang out with your spouse

                                            Talk often with friends

                                            Toast each sundown with wine 

                                            Don’t let the covids in

                                                        Stuff has not changed                    

                                                        Get the jab when you’re called

                                                        Rules are still there for reasons            

                                                        We must all get along

                                                                    When he rides up on his horse                    

                                                                    And you feel the cold winter chill

                                                                    Look out your window and smile

                                                                    Don’t let the covids in


The keeper

a person who manages or looks after something or someone
each other

Don't let the covid in - take the jab


The spinner

a deceiver, weaving not as it seems
fishing lure
quantum mechanics?
spin doctor

get the jab


Opening up a touch - April 11.2

Stay active - Moorbottom Boulodrome open (covid friendly)

Two separate sessions covers all the players.
Beautiful weather.
Ready for day/night games.

Awaydays - Ramsden and Pugney's again

Boys always want to throw stones. Little girls want to throw themselves in.

Sandal castle and blossom.

At last - maybe

Dave's Birthday

14 - it's a record

Tracks and trees - more walks in Upperthong - April 8.1

Stay active - another walk - Upperthong and Holmfirth

ice cold leafless blue
river tracks trees branches trunks
connect curve and line

Before the cold snap kicked off. 6 miles or so - getting gradually longer. Sadly we witnessed a distressing attack on a sheep by a dog. Probably well-behaved 90% of the time. Sheep broke a leg. Not sure how it turned out.