Musical Meanderings: A music heritage project for the Holme Valley

Are you a history scholar? Are you interested in music? Are you into the history of music? 
Are you especially interested in the history of Holme Valley music?

We at Shalliley Books ( are keen to produce a second edition of 'A Musical Heritage: Musical meanderings of the Holme Valley' by Charles Cocks which first came out in 1982. Brass bands, choral and orchestral music, folk and pop and anything else will find a place in the new publication. We are already working with The University of Huddersfield and we are keen to develop other partnerships to produce a real community piece of work. Discussions are currently taking place with '2valleys' radio and 'Keep Holmfirth Special'.

We would appreciate contacts from Holme Valley musical history devotees to explore recordings and articles.

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