Away days in Normandy 2017. Rural quiet and an amazing barn conversion

Isigny-le-Buat, rural, nearest town Avranches.

An amazing barn conversion in the middle of nowhere, nearest village a 10 minute walk to Isigny-le-Buat. Maize and cows seem to be the crops and beasts. I didn't count the bedrooms, but individually designed, most ensuite. Lots of pools. Kitchen-dining room, upstairs lounge with TV and pool table. Outside pool with lots of open or sheltered seating. Indoor pool with jacuzzi and sauna.
  And it's seriously quiet. 
  If it's quiet luxury that's important, this is it.

Camembert salad washed down with Chardonnay

Camembert on toast salad, raw ham which I struggle with, Chardonnay, smug diner.

Castle, town hall, cathedral, traffic
Great little town with cathedral, town houses, castle, town hall and traffic.

Museum with Kings and Bishops history and something more recent
The WW2 role of General Patton and The Third Army in the Normandy Landings (1944) and the subsequent liberation of Avranches is celebrated in the local museum. The town was levelled and totally rebuilt.
  There is also a Kings, Queens and Bishops history if that is of interest.
  The art gallery contains this image of Mont St Michel, with which Avranches is geographically and historically close. We remember it as a series of cafes and tat shops. The view from the mainland is stunning, especially at night.

Lunch in the car park, followed by walk in the park
First build your own table in the car park. Croque-Monsieur, burgers, moules-frites. I have happy memories of moules, but won't be having them again. Taste moves on.
  Apres lunch walk in the park.

And finally the village bar. Crowded at lunchtime, dead in the afternoon, continuous TV horse-racing.

Isigny heartbeat

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