How much exercise is too much?

A recent article in the Times by Peta Bee lists the pitfalls of too much exercise:

Fatigue, constantly aching muscles
Restless sleep and insomnia
Shin pain
Achilles tendinitis
Frontal knee pain
Increased risk of colds

The solution is - only do high impact activity (circuits, weights, hard running) on alternate days
                         - increase the amount gradually
                         - always give your body time to rest

It would be glib to say I experience nothing of the above, simply because most of what I do isn't hard enough. Sadly I do experience many of these exercise-related problems but not because of exercise, so I totally agree with the solutions. In fact I adopt the assumption that I'm constantly work in progress, as if I am returning from holiday or injury. I never get disappointed about my personal best.

Forever young taking on some gently exercise

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