Is my blog worth the effort?

One night at the dinner table I recently expressed, to my childbride, disappointment that the blog didn't appear to have aroused a lot of interest. I am aware that it cannot without some sort of 'push' or marketing to use a horrid word. Yet, despite a lot of reading and effort, I cannot get the hang of increasing traffic to this site. I've even failed to locate blogs from which I can learn. They are all full of adverts and the purpose of the sites is difficult to fathom.
  So I'm not impressed with my current IT development and I'm thinking of paying for computer therapy. But, here is the clincher. The childbride responded to my disappointment as follows "But you only write it for yourself. No one else is interested." So a direct hit on my content and audience. Inspiring ageing, senior moments, travel, personal thoughts and stories. A little bit of coffee and book reviews if a book has got to me; which hasn't happened in the last 2-3 months. I imagine people of my age and interest as my audience. People who are concerned that most of their life is behind them and who may wonder what to do with the rest of it. So inspiring ageing has included a lot about how to manage physical well-being and just touched on emotional health. Despite being a paid up geriatrician, I have so far shied away from illness in older people. And it's true I have two regular readers, both in the choir, who have taken up exercise of sorts.
  Is the content too dilute? Trying to do too much; a lifetime problem. I have decided that concentrating on one thing would not be attractive to my audience, yet focus might be just the thing for search engines. Is the content too personal? The advice is find your voice, have a point of view. So two concerns to address before I get too depressed and stop.
  (1) Content - bring everything under one roof. What am I really doing? Telling stories maybe? Lots of writers keep saying that it is telling stories that makes us human. Burr and Booker.
  (2) Driving traffic - I need to speak to an adult. Would my contacts at the university be a start?

This is a list of the pieces, relevant to story-telling and inspiring ageing.

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