Did I mean a denture bath?

  Posted by David Walker

How many of us own traditional tooth mugs? Plastic, about the size of a cream slice, but semi-round with a straight edge. And creased, presumably a fashion statement. It's certainly a design issue - dirt, grease, and whatever else accumulates in impossible-to-clean crevices. Inside can be similar, particularly if you haven't washed it out for a while. So the top is secured by a plastic hinge, part of the overall structure and vulnerable. I think mine lasted quite a long time before becoming permanently detached.
  I needed a new one. Not available except in chemists. I visited my local in Scarborough. 
  "Do you have a tooth mug?"
  "Oh, okay then," and I turned towards the door.
  I'd was nearly out on the street when the assistant called out, "Did you mean a denture bath?"


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