Resolution; away day; garden glimpses

Resolution was a steam loco Jubilee 'namer' we saw regularly at Huddersfield station in the 1950s/60s. It was 'shedded' in W Yorkshire somewhere ? Farnley.
'firm decision to do or not to do something'
A tradition for New Year, despite failure for most. Perhaps a bit more or a bit less of this?

Hunmanby distillery and Filey Brigg.

Rachel Mann, Times, Jan 1st writes about psychological, physical and spiritual 'reset' - a bit like Lent. Hope and promise balanced with failure and an acceptance of failure. Films 'The Shark is Broken' and 'Jaws' apparently illustrate this for her. Former sounds like a hoot, principle actors getting bored and drunk as yet again the mechanical shark breaks down. Yet the final film beats the box office.

The new bird feeder gets a workout.


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