Anglesey 2023


Red Wharf Bay from a discarded plough

Short walk through up-market caravan park - actually lodges?

Puffin Island - not many left after rat invasion 1998

Lady sketching whilst we sat said she had spotted two - they need to get going.

Penmon Point - the tides are brisk. If the weather is good, the sit is better. 

Visit the hippy cafe - they will sell you anything you can eat and/or drink

Oriel Mon. Museum and art gallery

Modern building containing lots of old things.

The room illustrating the island's history is excellent, usual suspects - Romans, Vikings etc.

A young woman sat at a table in one of the art galleries, sketching. Violent movements and thick speech. She introduced us to the artist. He was from Rotherham initially, son of the Manse. Looking at the portrait of his wife, recently deceased, was a moment.

The youngster had chorea. Was it hereditary? Was the artist her father? We had only been talking about my MD earlier in the day.

It was a quick visit. Staying In Beaumaris.

We went to Menai for coffee in Dylans. Too busy

Lovely weather. Another decent sit on the pier


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