Away - Amble 2024


So away up the A19 again and satnav for the last quarter mile or so. First stay here. Newly decorated and very comfortable with a view across the harbour. Very popular market right next to the harbour. I bought a herringbone 'Peaky Blinder' cap. A fisherman said the early mist would not burn off, but it did. The lobster hatchery was closed for refurbishment. 

Strange pod next to the river with information on the birds inside.

One mile walk to Warkworth for coffee, Alnwick for lunch.

The X18 carried us up and down the coast. No need to drive. But, the buses always seem to be late. Not much to do here, but a great place to do nothing. Just sit. The kippers in a bun were selling like hot cakes in the local cafes. 

Usual suspects including beach and golf club. Loads of driftwood for den-building. Pizza for lunch.

We've visited the north east for what seems like forever, since RL's 'Magic' weekend came to St Jame's Park, Newcastle. Never disappoints. Find something new each time - eg. pizza oven. A supplement to the previous posts available on search Alnmouth.

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