West Side Story Dec 2013

That nice man Martin Lewis changed our gas and electric supply and he gave us a free night in a hotel. So I looked for some local shows and came up with West Side Story at the Palace, Manchester. Just the matinee on the opening day. Manchester is a favourite destination. The first industrial city and lots of monumental Victorian buildings on view. Some older ones also, such as the library at Cheetham's music school. Today was also Christmas market day; one way of reducing your bank balance.
The show was brilliant. A quiet first half followed by a second half punch in the guts. We knew the music but not the story - wow. Great dancing kids make up the gangs and the principal singers were clearly operatic if you like the style. It is timeless. Kids enjoying and exploring and making a mess. It is happening all over the world. When kids grow up, do they carry on being kids on the side?
Dimitri's is a Greek restaurant near Castlefield. Dimitri lives in Cyprus and collects the takings. Tapas and Retsina. A bit of bustle but you can hear yourself speak.
The local hotel overlooked a railway viaduct and was good enough. Following morning, rainy wet Thursday in Manchester. Best foot forward for the tram to Media City. A look round the Lowry gallery and wait for the midday talk. Brilliant. Lunch and back to Picadilly.
Busy, a bit tiring, but you have it to do.

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