Cruise - day 1 - Saturday 28th Feb

Middlewich dawn. For those who think the cut is iced over, the bottom bit is our boat.

You wait a while in the car before you set off, don't you? 'Have we got everything?' 'Have we got the boat key?' 'No !' Started well.
  Junction 5/6 off the M56 closed. Quick divert through Wilmslow and Congleton. Not too bad.
  Arrived at the mooring and the gas didn't work. Went through all the procedures - gas alarm, bottle regulator, gas isolation switch. Nothing. Rang the previous cruisers; no clues there. I went back to the gas locker. Maybe some connection problem. There was - the synapses in my cortex. We have two gas bottles, one on and one as a backup. I'd only switched on the wrong one.
  Then a domestic at the first mooring in Middlewich. Rusty routines and an ugly manoeuvre prompted some shouting. The guy in the next boat asked us if we needed help.
  A pretty standard day 1.

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