Cruise - day 2 - Sunday March 1st

Anderton boat lift 

Andrew read a notice pinned to a lock in Middlewich. Canal closed at bridge 209. I assumed it was the same closure Pete and I met in December, beyond Acton Bridge. I didn't check the map. Boards were duly blocking the canal just before Saltishead tunnel. We had to do a mile long reverse to Anderton boat lift, successfully.
  Should have gone to the waterways website, or specsavers maybe.
  Whilst we were at bridge 209 a bloke drove along the nearby road and parked. 'I noticed you there. I'm with the waterways. On holiday, going to Cuba for three weeks. The canal is shut for drainage, be open March 14th. You'll be okay mooring here, nobody will mind.' What a great sense of time boat people have. We had to be home Friday. Strange place to spend your holidays when on the whole you'd rather be in Cuba.
  We moored up in time for the game - we lost.

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