Old fashioned in Whitley Bay

How quaint, a B&B without en suite. Wondering who you will meet on the landing at 3.30am. No funfairs, but great beach walks. No quirky fisherman's pubs in Whitley Bay, but plenty of full trendy bars in Tynemouth with a big flea market on the station.
Newcastle was new to all of us; an open-top bus gave us a good introduction. Great walk down by the quayside.
We drew with Catalan Dragons in the last minute.


 Earl Grey on the column, Newcastle

It's quite an occasion, but not as intense as when there are only two sets of supporters baying for blood. We had a lovely family in front of us. Mum, dad, baby, infant, gran and grandad. Up and down, playing around, constantly changing seats, going to the toilet, fetching more bottles of beer, talking about stuff in loud voices. Lovely as I said, but we had to move - we'd come to watch the rugby.

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