Slit lamps can damage your health

Most people I meet have a horror story about waiting for long periods to see their doctor in the hospital eye outpatients - Halifax and Huddersfield. I've been going regularly since May 2015, seen eight different doctors, swallowed a variety of medications and had my share of falling asleep in the waiting room. The consultations went okay 80% of the time, albeit often followed by an extra queue at pharmacy for yet another change in pills and eye drops.
  My last visit went well until the consultant asked if his medical student could look in my eye using the slit lamp (above). My chin was captured by the jaws of the machine. She remained seated and rolled across, making contact with the slit lamp table, rather robustly. The whole thing shook as did my head and neck. 'You've broke my jaw' I exclaimed. 'Oh no' she cried. I smiled and all was well.
  My eye is better. I've got a bruise just below my left ear.

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