Team Sheila out fund-raising again for Forget-me-not

Back at the local narrow gauge railway for the Christmas fund raising session

Team Sheila at Shelley terminus
Forget-me-not children's hospice
Santa looks happy - something about cream and a cat

I bought some supermarket budget lager yesterday. It's not a drink, it's a penance.

Bill Bryson's book on Shakespeare is mostly a delight. I was warmed by all the different copies in folios and quartos and goodness knows what else. Sounds like total chaos, and well done all those guys who tried to sort it out. And, there were plenty of fraudsters, even then. My meagre contributions to literature are in order by comparison, sort of - who misplaces my stuff, right when I need it.  

I love starting a sentence with 'and'.

My daughter arrived yesterday when I was sitting in total darkness. "What's up? You having a funny do?'
"No - we've just had a smart meter installed."

Can I take this opportunity for apologise to all the people in 2017 I have insulted, ignored or just been downright grumpy with.

Finishing with a preposition - criminal.

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