Dave Walker on obesity (2) - find out your daily calorie intake

Dave Walker posted on 14.1.19

If you are interested in your daily calorie intake, check this site out.

Once you know the number it's up to you to do the math with your food items. It's tedious. Good to know that fibre is getting a great press just at the moment. I like veg with the skin.

Maybe you want to become a vegan. See Janice Turner in the Times last Saturday week. We are biology, straight from hunter-gatherers, so it's difficult to ignore meat-eating. Janice has a go at some of the more pc vegans - '"clean-eaters" with their Instagram pretensions and faux science, including many teenage girls whom gluten and dairy-free fuss-pottery are the nursery slopes of full food disorders'.

She admits nevertheless to reduced personal meat intake and enjoys vegan cook books. She concludes that the market place will decide. Gregg's vegan sausage roll vs McDonald's vegan wrap.

'Vegetarianism is winning: it should lighten up and take a joke'.

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