New Year in Upper Swaledale - 2018

Old Gang lead mine. The Kings Arms, Askrigg. 

Great places that we have visited regularly. Lead mining is legendary and well documented in Swaledale and Arkengarthdale. Just below the surface with hushes, along levels and even deep mining in Gunnerside Gill. Old Gang in Hard Level Gill, just up from Surrender Bridge, is a preserved smelt mill. The level in the pic, I seem to remember, goes through to the Charles Bathurst Inn up in Arkengarthdale. I guess there could be a large network of tunnels between the various lead mining sites.
  The Kings Arms is known as a pub from All Creatures Great and Small (The Drovers).

The Farmers Arms, Muker.

A refuge, along with Harriet's, a cottage just behind the pub, since the early noughties. We detected a change in the guys running the pub and the clients. The landlord has only been there two years. He thinks up to a half of the population are comers-in, either resident or second homers. Farming is still around, though I'm not sure how strong, given the local landowner, Mr Miller, whilst he does not take rent, is 80. His family may or may not carry on. He still remains the richest man in Yorkshire - dfs is the worldwide duty free network, based in Singapore, and also a furniture business which I think he has sold. The landlord suggested he is the second richest man in the world - not true. Miller's estate runs a grouse shoot which has not been busy in 2018 because of bird illness. £2000 a gun.
  We spent New Year's Eve eating and drinking in the pub - disappointing and expensive.
  Dr Bahm and The Silver Band conductor, who's name I cannot remember, seem to have been forgotten. 

Tan Hill Inn, Mill Gill Force (Askrigg), more New Year's Eve, Harriet's kitchen.

Kisdon Force and Gorge

An easy walk for the retired, especially if you drive up to Keld. The show was here last time we came.

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