Staying well - lockdownweek 12

Don't let the covid in

The advice on covid is still pretty confusing. We are as frustrated, not just with limitations on our personal lives at home, but we usually plan to take regular short breaks every month. We are unsure when we can restart.

Black lives matter

8 mins 46 secs - the length of time the policeman knelt on George's neck.

My current 2000 metre time indoor rowing is 8mins 42 secs. I don't know why, it just makes you stop and think.

I agree we may all need to examine how we feel about stuff, including racism. I am cautious about saying anything further, other than slave owners are part of our heritage, an unpleasant part. Join the list of unfairness and privilege. There is a saying 'Behind every fortune there is a crime.'

8 minutes is a long time to struggle breathing.

Staying mentally and physically active

I came across these recommendations for good habits in older people. It appeared on my email app - some are a bit much

Watching too much television

We live in the golden age of television, and binge watching has never been better. But there are limits on the amount of Netflix or Amazon Prime that your health can bear.
So what do these clever people suggest? BBC 4?
Having poor sleep habits
Early morning routines followed by burning the midnight oil can take its toll on your skin.
Poor sleep creates total havoc with me as a person. More than grumpy if that's possible.
Making unhealthy choices

Smoking, physical inactivity, high alcohol intake, poor diet, prolonged sitting worked synergistically to increase risk for all-cause mortality.

  Okay we all get this. You have to have been down a coal mine for the last 20 years to miss it. Add in high cholesterol, premature death in a relative, being over 75, hypertension, diabetes. 

When you are 75, what constitutes a premature death?

Not feeling your age
People who felt older than they actually were had increased rates of hospitalisations.
Maybe they were sick.
Ask yourself how old you would be if you didn't know the day you were born? (from 'Don't let the old man in - Toby Keith).
Holding grudges
With respect to your lifespan, it’s probably a good idea to let grudges go.
I get that.


However delicious, barbecuing might burn away years of your life.

It's a joke, right?

 Eating sugary food

  Yes okay.

Not meditating

  This is a new one for me. Do I have time in my day?

Not detoxing - no idea what this is.

Overworking - no idea what this is.

So it's still not rocket science. Some lifestyles are key along with staying in the present moment (if you can forget the past).

We watched a rerun of Deep Space Nine last night. Exploration of non-linear time - specifically living permanently in some past event whilst inhabiting the present. Time somehow isn't happening. I think I get that some of the time. It's adventure, scifi and occasionally asks a question or two.

The buddleia has taken

I think these are weeds, but if they contribute to the wildflower garden, why not

Stone circles were built around 3000 years ago and nobody knows why. Mine arrived today.

If you are going to drop something, don't let it be dumbbells

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