Lockdown week11 - sketches can capture moments and staying active

Glimpses, sketches

Short form - Clear and concise. Getting your point across, rather than showcasing expertise. It's a skill in itself. Drawing, image, story, poem, lyric, microblog.

Keeps the old man mentally active.

Leaves stuff out to let the reader in.

Current events/corona-wise


Durham bound
or maybe the Lords
he's not leaving
To summarise Giles Coren, the Times May 30th 'everybody decided to break the rules too,' thereby ruining 'my lovely lockdown'. 'Empty roads, empty parks, loads of exercise in the sunshine, didn't have to meet my dreary friends or review poncey restaurants ... '

To paraphrase Matthew Parris, the Times May 30th 'The ordinary people' chose 'how to interpret the advice ... "29% of Britons admit breaking lockdown" ... This relaxed approach is not available to our masters ... '

As I said last week, a range of opinion. Dom was not appointed because he is a paragon of virtue. Looks like he will survive.

There is a new distance and time measurement - London to Durham.
As in 'how long does it take to get from London to Durham'.

Anybody else confused by the mixed information coming out of briefing sessions - none of it hangs together to make a coherent story. Multi-author, committee or some other many limbed creature.

For all those who can stomach unplanned variation in pitchclic here for 'Don't let the covid in'

Garden glimpses

Not many people are aware of the close relationship between weight lifting and keeping wicket.

  Tomato 1 - Dave 0

  bit of a quiet circle this week

grasses nearly my height - no cutting just yet

5 o'clock

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