Staying sane and alive in lockdown week10


in the middle
tough isolation
sanity and isolationstaying sane in isolationThey are still at it, queuing for Lloyds Bank way past the butcher on the bridge in Holmfirth.Staying sane, we had a great coffee/pilates/thursday/zoom meet yesterday. We were split on Dom. Two of us had broken lockdown rules to help out with children who had mental health problems. Another would have if need be. So I think it finished 2-1 with an abstention, in favour of Dom going. He was not appointed to be a paragon of virtue. He breaks the rules, that's what he does. Robin Pagnamenta in the Telegraph this week writing about the future of our technology, 'At a time like this - with a pandemic that is fast reshaping ideas about government and how decisions should be made - a maverick provocateur in Whitehall is a good thing to have.'I found the reference to Ian McEwan, an inspiring guy to say the least, and time from the Today programme, Radio4. When plans cannot be made about the future, there's a tendency to dwell on the past. This applies to people of my age, and Ian's, as a matter of course. To everyone he says, 'My hope is that we can take from this extended tragedy a memory and lesson in timelessness and stillness.' Guilt is still guilt however you reflect on it.
staying sane in lockdown


                                            pink white grey blue
                                            it had to start sometime
                                            beach pebbles

sanity and lockdown
The jury's out but we might have baffled the squirrel            

gardem glimpse

garden glimpse

These wild flowers were perfectly flat
and now they are in cups

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