Staying forever young - the coffee/pilates/thursday/zoom meet

Bob, Greg and Derran with a weed, lilac, palm and don't know, possibly primrose.

Greg and I have been going to Little Anne's pilates for about 5 years. Bob has thrown in the towel.

I struggle with naming all the wild flowers. I thought about pressing them and then studying them. Greg was worried what the big guys down the rugby club would think. Derran suggested an online help which so far has not helped. I need to get used to it, but I promise to persist.

Bob's treadmill arrives today. He will not be going up hill, especially as it is a manual setting.

We still have coffee. 11.15am Thursdays. Only Derran is doing online pilates. 

Greg's wife, Pauline, is making scrubs for the NHS. They are a male pattern for a organisation which is 75% female. And don't get Greg on procurement, either for the NHS or the armed forces.

 It's good isn't it?

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