Staying forever young - lockdown week 8

the men move round again - no cricket just now
More post Covid thoughts 


game over                        game over
captivated                        caught captivated
released                            then released

Pile of Stones

standing sitting
monumental eternal
changes every week

not stone henge but it could beRadio4 this morning, a guest philosopher suggested that Covid is giving us more space to make choices. In our previous worried and busy lives we had FOMO - fear of missing out.

What about the stroppy lady golfer on Women's Hour? Nobody is going to tell her what to do.

We might rely even more on online shopping after Covid. Sadly I did just this with my phone battery today. Support your local whatever could be a brilliant outcome.

Simon Armitage on Desert Island Discs. What a nice lad. Poetry is  revenge on his primary school teacher who did not put his Christmas poem on display. One of his choices was Pratty Flowers. He's allowed to be Poet Laureate for 5 minutes in a morning, then he has to do the washing up.

The squirrel finally won this week. It broke the bird feeder, so we bought a new one - from the pet shop in Holmfirth. Posh metal one. The tree rat can still get to it, but will struggle to break it.

Not a good time for Boris and his gang this week. I don't follow the adversarial nature of our media, but there is a mild smell of incompetence attached to Boris' inner circle, especially when Sir Kier is about and when poorly prepared ministers do a briefing. They are what we've got - I hope they learn about the pandemic problem and also the process of formulating and communicating policy. We don't really know what's going on, but the perception is not good.

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