Staying forever young - Lockdown week7

Not only has one of my buddleia cuttings survived but is also thriving.

More Radio4 talk about the future and how we come out of lockdown. Health and the economy are interdependent, so no time for wimps. As with the retreat from globalisation, so maybe look more to local solutions and cut some slack in the regions where they know their folk best. Wales, Scotland and N Ireland are intending to try things differently. Smaller and perhaps more fit for purpose. Sounds like the NHS could learn something from this.

The squirrels are getting to me, or more specifically to my seeds. I've caged the seeds on three sides and still the they get through. It's chicken wire next. Or, simply live with it.
  My anti-squirrel feeders don't seem to attract the birds.

 Taking tea

the men
in a queue
one direction

Pile of stones

polished round
in a circle

Using the short form of things is important to me. There is a limited amount of time and it easily gets filled. Clive H could tell us more. For the struggling oldie, trying to do a lot of stuff is impossible. So we are taught to talk to ourselves or others, come to priorities and do a SMART analysis on the top one or two. The short form gets around some of this. It means leaving things out which also lets the reader in.
  The photos are taken with a beaten up phone and briskly downsized. The drawings are deliberately done within minutes and some are copied and slightly computed. I don't tweet at the minute, but the posts on Foreveryoung are short and I hope readable. Haiku is new but fulfils the criteria. Tradition has it that a moment and an image inspire three short lines which can be literal, yet open to the reader to interpret. I cheat (title and pic) because it's more fun, but the basics are there. Very much the beginner.
  There are longer projects ...


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