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The sound will need a tweak. I did it several times and then lost the will.

Canal, rail and road in this latest Jenson Bancroft brio track. I'm not sure they all existed together in quite this manner, so a bit of poetic/romantic license. It was about freight and in the 1850s when my kin the hand-loom weaver was in his pomp, it was changing to rail from barge. The raw wool would have been locally sourced. The final cloth would have been taken by the middle man/merchant/clothier to the market where buyers would place their orders. The cheaper cloth was made up into garments locally. Higher quality cloth, worsted, was in demand nationally and internationally. The canal and rail networks would thus have had their textile role. The waterway through line to Lancashire, via Standedge, was completed 
in 1811. Otherwise the Aire and Calder Navigation. By 1830, Huddersfield was integral to a complex canal network. The Lancs and Yorks railway, opened 1847, was the only coast to coast route just then. 
  Made in Huddersfield was the designer label of the time.

Meltham Park

Spot the Almondbury Casual. A social Sunday afternoon cricket team formed in the 1950s. The early membership looks like the captains of the textile industry and their suppliers, at leisure. Along with hockey, golf, rugby union and soccer. I have been bruised quite a bit for likening them to the middle classes that emerged in the late nineteenth century. No need to rehearse this. They did have rules and meetings where minutes were taken. Plenty of golfers and public school men. Sons, other relatives, workmates, wives and spectators played, some excellent cricketers, others making up the numbers. For the majority, it was completely unserious. Sadly today's youngsters do not have an interest in travelling to a country house for a non-competitive game of cricket. For further information about the casuals, clic here.
Angela Sewell reminds us of happy times with the Casuals. Quite right. Can I also say that many guys got an opportunity to play when they weren't regular cricketers. Availability was key, not ability.

The men are made of concrete and the makeover was done with acrylic paints.

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