Latest exercise advice, July 11.3


Harry Jameson The Times Saturday July 3. Male chauvinism.

All about looking good on the beach. Unashamedly aimed at men - 'the older we get, the harder the struggle to lose weight and keep fit becomes.'

A three week makes-a-difference plan - good luck.

  • Four 30-40 minute strength sessions per week
  • Daily 30-50 minutes cardio
  • Stretch 10 minutes daily
After three weeks admit yourself to a physio clinic for sports injury rehab.

AND - don't drink beer. 2 small bottles is the same as a cheeseburger. Slimline gin and tonic instead.

After three weeks, shoot yourself.

Garden Glimpses

Honley Ladies Choir Birthday Girl - Di

Echoes - The Long View

I know we are not supposed to look backwards. Rumination and all that and I agree. Having done some basic research on my family however, the nineteenth century and the Victorians fascinate me.

For example Covid and Cholera. Did you know that cholera came from India, along the trade routes? A UK story. Covid is global.

Not related. How do you deal with overpopulation? Back then poverty and hunger was managed in workhouses - designed to be worse than living at home. Our current global problem is climate change, again related to overpopulation. The answer - Branson, Besos and Musk will take industrial processes into space.

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