Scarborough Oct 26.3


Victoria Monument

The spa gardens are gradually getting their makeover (see link).

The south cliff lift is unavailable during the work. So, every 15 minutes, a bus travels between the two entries. Circuitous route. Double-decker no less. One or two takers. A lonely bus driver who will talk to anyone. A quick stroller might win.

Overgrowth in certain areas is another side effect. There's always a bit, kept under control by 'friends of the gardens' and the LA, but given the present set up, they're losing. We take the easy route up from the bridge, wading through fuchsia and rosehip abundance. Pete, my walking/limping pal, somehow found a rosehip in his ear.

There was war in M&S. Round the meal for £10 shelves. Maybe we lurked too long. Arms thrust over our shoulders from behind and between us. Pushing and shoving for bargains. We stepped back, but mayhem didn't stop. All women.


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