Scarborough April29.6

Hunmanby Distillery

Hunmanby to Filey

The Gap cafe, gardens overlooking barely visible RNLI red rib and the origin of our lunch.
I am poor with tide tables. Thankfully high tide was 6pm.
Someone needs to tell the gulls that our food is not theirs - we weren't actually attacked this time.

Round the Marine Drive

Peasholm and North Bay railway are open

Esplanade, Foreshore and Stepney Hill farm shop

The trees have gone from around the spa.
 The Stepney Hill butcher on Ramshill is no longer, but the farm shop is great. Brilliant meat pie. Horrid hailstorm, no alfresco coffee.
The harbour at low tide leaves boats up against the quay grounded on shelves, rope secured.

Filey Beach

not spring not summer
wind whipped raw waves roar white
unmasked untamed
get the jab

Dave's Scarborough notebook

Spa Gardens

So south cliff is safely glued with long metal pins. Improved treeless view. Lots of 12 inch plastic sleeves anchored in the steep soil slopes with leafy sprigs peeping out the tops. Restoration is underway. In the 19th century Victorian and Edwardian heyday there were six or so wealthy owners with private gardens (Rose, Italian, Shuttleworth and so on). Each had a micro-climate and exotic plants. Scarborough Council acquired the gardens in the early 20th century. The Clock Cafe was built during WW1. Now listed along with 22 beach chalets.
Today, 14 ornate historic shelters are crumbling, path drainage is poor and much of the land is overgrown. £4.6 m National Lottery grant. Increased maintenance budget. Passionate 'friends'. S Cliff community group. A combined effort opening April 2022.
The cliff lift split the gardens into two, connected by a tunnel under the tracks. To be reinstated.

The Town/Ramshill

Scarborough centre was tired before the pandemic. It's exhausted now.

At least three people maskless in M&S and many more with their noses hanging out.

B&Q shelves in the garden section were two thirds empty.

Social distancing good.

The church clock at the end of Albion Road is stuck at 12.25. Was this the time that lockdown started?

Odd couple with dog. Middle-aged. Cradling a big bulldog in a blanket cum rug. Matching Barbour-style long length waterproofs. Walking slowly round and round local streets, more than once daily. A ritual? Has meaning for them presumably.

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