Purpose for facebook posts on choir page and group May9.1

 The choir facebook page came about as a result of a marketing initiative. Myself, Steve Flynn, John Middleton and others met regularly to see how we could get the choir name 'out there'. Digital marketing was one obvious answer, along with some very enjoyable local initiatives - Holmfirth stall, beer mats, free concert etc. We were also connected with the university business school and were one of their student research projects.

I can't remember how we got into groups on Facebook but one of the university research assistants signed us up for a group

I have had a personal Google blog (forever young) since 2013. A mix of content, including the choir, but mostly personal. Something about ageing well.

I set up a choir blog (swinglo) in 2015. News, events, gossip. The last entry was December 2020. I enquired on a number of occasions if this blog had legs - was anybody interested? Was it in competition with the website?

It has got complicated since. Both blogs link through to Facebook pages and groups. So lots of my personal content appears on choir Facebooks. I don't mind but the readers might if they clic on something and don't find anything connected to the choir. Few people contributed to 'swinglo', so it did become a bit of a personal site. I was always thinking what could I come up with next - it wasn't a natural outlet for choir opinion and discussion. A lot of people do clic on the choir Facebook links and thanks for that, but what have they to do with the choir?

The choir Facebook page is open and could end up anywhere. So, getting the choir out there. We do have lots of contact with other choirs and there are a number of individuals who take an interest. Great. We have 444 followers. Do they really want to see pics of my grandchildren?

The choir Facebook group is limited to the membership of the group (140). Some other singing organisations are involved. Anyone who asks to join mostly can. It is for the choir primarily (25), to share and prompt and have a conversation. Most of the group members are however friends and relatives and Honley Ladies. Yes, some of them do enjoy pics of my grandchildren.

We even went for a Facebook tutorial at Social Progress in Honley. Interesting and informative but I'm not sure we have moved on.

So what to do?

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