Some recent health and welfare curation for older people

Why stretching is so vital for your health - Caroline Williams, Times May 28th 
Age-proof your face, body and brain (it's never too late) - Peta Bee, Times November 5th
8 easy ways to be happier, Meik Wiking, Times October 8th

Loads of stuff happening which we can do nothing about. Switch off the news maybe. Keep going with our relationships and daily routines. Otherwise be aware of our feelings and reactions to events. They are under our control.

Maintain social fabric through shared activities (games, coffee, singing). More meaningful conversations and less small talk.

Get outside. Enjoy the light. Stay calm. Go for a brisk walk. Keep moving, it's free.

Eat well. Oranges for eyesight. Almonds and wholegrain for the gut. Fruit and veg for everything.

Why chase the money? Evidence suggests that wealth may simply lead to search for more wealth. We can only live in one room at time. Find comfort in small pleasures - love, belonging, laughter.

We cannot be happy all the time. There are challenges. Anger and anxiety - nobody else owns these emotions, just us.

No time for sitting around. The gristle (fascia) that keeps us connected needs care as well. Sit less and stretch more (yoga, pilates).

These are messages that we have heard before. No harm in repetition. I do worry about people who don't have a lot of money - they can be unhappy? 

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