New year 2023-24 curation

Deepak Chopra - how to meditate, Times 6th Jan.

'Ask yourself why you don't meditate .... I got bored, I wasn't getting enough out of it, my life is too busy, I wish I could find the time,'

Meditation is not a quick fix - not a mental health pill.

Meditation returns you to a state you are supposed to be all the time - simple awareness; quiet undisturbed relaxed but alert.

'Sit down in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably, preferably in an upright posture. Take a few deep breaths, (centre your attention on the heart, maybe, but as long as there is attention to somethin

g, I think it's okay). 5-10 minutes to start. Don't rush back to activity. Repeat during the day.

[Reminds me of 'the sit' beloved of Simon Barnes. Stillness. Awareness of the senses, seeing and hearing. Let intrusive thoughts come and go. Keep coming back to the here and now.]

Steven Bartlett's rules for success, Telegraph 28th December. [flexible, practical, achievable]

Keep goals small and consistent and open-ended. No need to complete them.

Being fit is about consistency not intensity [for me exercise is always work in progress].

'Happiness is a direct result of managing expectations'. [Not many people know what happiness is. We probably have equal amounts of happy and unhappy, so words like fulfilment and contentment try to fill the gap. Melissa Twigg, Times, 30th December, introduces words like pleasure, enjoyment, satisfaction and meaning.]

I don't have an answer, but the discussion with yourself may help. Don't beat yourself up when the wheels come off.

So same old, but with latitude. Lets everyone give ourselves a break. 

It reminds myself of the school report quote 'He sets himself low expectations which he consistently fails to meet'.

Peta Bee again 13th Jan - ... why walking is the best way to get fit.

It's replaced coffee as the elixir. Anxiety, back pain, strength of bone and muscles, enhance flexibility and prolonging your life. Wow. Add nasal breathing, silence, weighted vest or rucksack, intermittent power intervals and it's a double wow.

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