Successful ageing (2)

The author with his grandson

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And plenty other sites, including examples like Helen Mirren and Clint Eastwood. This can be overdone and we all now know the benefits of exercise, meditation, new experiences and keeping in touch with friends and family. It's now obvious we have equal amounts of despair and happiness, and we must tailor expectations to what we can do and don't worry if we don't make it. We know all this now, but easy to forget.

This week it's the turn of Suzy Walker and Sir Muir Gray, Telegraph 30th Jan 2024 - 'It's not healthy to act your age'. Getting fit is the prime consideration. 'Change your attitude to ageing.' How? Challenges like learning a language, becoming a volunteer, join a committee. I'm not personally keen on these. What about having positive ideas about ons's own ageing - how? Not a lot of answers.

A purpose? For me short pieces like haiku and a pic get me started. I've no great target. But these simple things, along with what (eg shopping, housework) has to be done, keeping up with social life and a hobby (singing) and I'm close to needing a rest. And I haven't exercised yet. "I'm good" must be the standard reply to health queries. What's gone is gone and tomorrow hasn't happened yet. When there is despair - let it drift away whilst you stay in the moment.

I came across thoughts on anxiety, mine. I frequently hear 'there's nothing for ageing'. Well there is that. But victimhood is not a good look either.

Get over yourself.

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