Brother and Sister Act

Milton and Millie, the major players at Kirklees TV. Milton on ops and Millie his pa.
This is about trying to create a promotional video for New Mill Male Voice Choir. Tom Ashworth was the contact and after a delay, off we went to Highfields to talk about it. Milton is a very proud African Yorkshireman. Competent, enthusiastic, not ‘maybe’ but ‘when can we do it?’ He is an advocate of African heritage, ‘Not that the kids are interested these days. More bothered about their ipads’.
The setting was interesting. Huddersfield College, a boys grammar school which my brother attended and birthplace of the chess magazine. Now Kirkless College and Kirklees TV.

Milton came to rehearsal 20th September. Interviewed Mackie and others and took some shots of rehearsal.

Extract from the website.

Kirklees Local TV is an internet-based TV station, which includes local news for local people.
Our vision is to celebrate and document our local community
We aim to give local people the platform to express their views and opinions on news, events and issues in the region. KLTV will provide an exciting and interactive experience, an excellent service for local information, and an online virtual community that will bring together local residents from all over Kirklees.
  We have been working with a range of partners to develop local media teams and sustainable networks through young people, parents, schools, community-based organisations, faith-based organisations, as well as public, voluntary and third sector organisations.
  Through these teams, we will strive to create fulfilment and enrichment by providing premier local news, views and entertainment for diverse local people in Kirklees.

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