What does go on in that crush bar: the Ukulele Band and Sir Willard White

On the 11th October, New Mill Male Voice Choir Ukulele Band received a warm reception following their solo in the middle of Just George, a medley of George Formby numbers (Leaning on a Lampost, My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock and When I'm Cleaning Windows).

The band members left the choir to get ready during He Ain't Heavy and got stuck in the crush bar under the stage. They nearly didn't appear for Just George. First Sir Willard fancied an ice cream, 'How much are they? I'll go get my money.' Of course everything stopped whilst the great man got his sweet. Second, whilst he engaged the band in friendly conversation, the members shuffled about and wondered how He Ain't Heavy was going. Just how do you disengage from the great man and make your entrance? Answers please - nice ones.

Ged Faricy, John Senior and Robert Coombes make up the band, now known as Cream.

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