Scottish Pizzas

Our Chris is down from Glasgow, waiting to start command training. Gran and Grandad's anniversary yesterday, so the newly engaged happy couple, Lou and Matt, thought it would be a nice gesture to buy us all some Dominoes. Delivered as well. They had one of those half price offers, depending what you order. They don't know what to charge, do they? So we had the menu and Chris had his iPad, ready to purchase online. 'Non of the offers are coming up on screen. What's that all about?' However he massaged the thing, no offers. After five minutes the penny dropped, 'I've only gone and logged in to my local Glasgow Dominoes'. By 'eck, we would've 'ad a long time to wait. It would have been interesting tracking the order down through Gretna, past Carlisle and down the M6. Pizzas at 2am maybe, and a quick burst in the microwave.
  Chris changed to the Honley Dominoes, but couldn't manage the code, so rang for help. He'd mixed 0 with o. This was still really going well. The lady took sympathy and let him order over the phone. A lot of food, great, we were cooking with gas at last. Forty minutes to wait. At thirty minutes, the phone rang. 'Dominoes pizza here. Where do you live?'

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