Second pair of spectacles

Ever since I spent £70 on a pair of varifocals when all I needed were magnifying glasses, I've managed to be unimpressed by the adverts for Specsavers. Yet I always have 2-3 pairs of specs, for a short time anyway. I get them from Poundland. They have a short life. I sit on them or otherwise put them out of action, usually bending the temples and breaking them during the bend back. I've lost the hinge screws a few times and fixed them with wire. I also put them down and forget to pick them up. At home we've a chance, away from home there's not a hope in hell, as in Skye on the west coast of Scotland.
  I've been down to my last pair of the current batch all winter, until today. I was harvesting the last of the leeks and potatoes in bags and raised beds, when I spied a pair of lost spectacles, hanging at odd angles from the garden furniture. They have survived the winter and today, they survived my repairs.

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