Crabshakk, Glasgow - great food, eccentric booking

Eerie Glasgow, mist over the Clyde

I went up to Glasgow overnight to help Chris, the pilot, move out of his flat, prior to his command training. Then Big Dave and Joan decided they would join us from Linlithgow. They were going to the SEC anyway to look round a caravan exhibition. Initially, Chris had booked us for 7.30pm into the Crabshakk, but this was moved forward to accommodate Big D and Joan. 'Yes we can do that' said Crabshakk, but you will be in the window sat on stools. Okay, so be it.
  A beer in Lebowski's on Argylle St and Crabshakk, a small but great fish restaurant. Big Dave wants to eat the whole menu, but settles on squid, 'I want squid, but what sort?' The waiter, who has already gone away a couple of times while we decide, gives Big D a patient if resigned sigh, 'There are only two sorts on the menu, sir. Not much to choose from really'. Finally we had mussels and scallops to start, fish, chips, squid and some other stuff to continue. Good view out the front window and comfortable on stools.
  8.15pm and Chris's phone rings, 'Hi there, this is Crabshakk. We wondered if you were going to take up your reservation.' We all turned to see the young lady in question on the phone behind the bar. We waved and smiled as Chris explained who these demented guys were in the window seats.

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