Hadrian's Wall 2016

So the reasons for going on four training walks, finishing on a sixteen-miler? I've just walked the middle section of Hadrian's wall, from Brampton to Corbridge, with Eric, a friend.
  I made the wrong assumption that this was in the middle of nowhere. Actually it's a vibrant, well signposted visitor attraction, with buses, taxis and trains to get you where you want to be. There's lots of accommodation, maybe not in the most convenient places but the transport helps out.
  The weather was kind.
  The terrain was not too brutal.
  Given the easy ways to get about, there was no need to have long days.

  So those were the points that in retrospect would have been very useful.

The actuality -
  I broke my glasses on the first day.
  The pace was too fast. I was walking at my top speed and got very tired as a result. By the third day I was not enjoying it and bailed out at lunchtime. Because we didn't plan, the walking was too long, especially the second day and I did well to complete. We had to do it, with a little help from a bus, to make the accommodation. All the other places to stay were excellent, but this was a disappointment - twin-beds and a shower. After such a long day it was a real downer and apparently we had been upgraded. I'd been spoilt the night before with a bath and plenty of time to rest and recuperate. Still, a couple of beers and get on with it.
  Then calamities. I lost my phone on the bus and I'd booked the accommodation in Corbridge for the wrong night. So rearranged to a great place, but minus the cancellation fees. Not the best finish to a walk.
Birdoswald. Audiovisual presentation as well as museum and ruined buildings. Good place to come back to in the car. Cafe and toilets.

I won't be walking anywhere far.
I retrieved the phone.

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