Training 4 (16m) - The reality sinks in

This was the hydration system recommended by the private male only walking team I once went out with. Sits in the rucksack with the tube looping over a shoulder. It works but fiddly. And doesn't contain the amounts of fluid that I need for 15 miles. When it arrived the childbride asked why I'd bought a catheter with bag. Reasonable question.

Huddersfield Train Station

Kirklees College

The canal at Milnsbridge

The canal at Slaithwaite

Unusual sluice lock gate 

The canal at Marsden

Lunch at the Riverside (alcohol free)

My camera ran out. The afternoon route was up Wessenden and it baking hot. Hydration management was now bottled water. the catheter bag too cumbersome. Rang for a lift once I'd reached the Isle of Skye road only to be told I had to wait half and hour, so I walked to The Huntsman.
The canal walk was pleasant enough. The rest wasn't.

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