Another weekend at Hadrian's Wall - part of magic RL festival

Corbridge, a sleepy up-market market town. Rollers and Bentley Continentals. 
Blue Ball for sports coverage, Angel for a meal and Wheatsheaf to sleep and breakfast.
Stickers in all the shop and cafe windows - Dementia Friendly - which was reassuring.
Our first two evening meals were massive. We then had a picnic in one of our rooms.

It's a wild lonely place. The wall walk was wet and cold, but short. Great to get about purely by bus - the AD122 - and use our passes. Change at Hexham, quietly wait in waiting rooms or at bus stops. The locals in the queues asked us where we were from. Attractive accents, though our landlord needed at interpreter. They all had good ideas for us, so our initial plans were soon modified into better and hopefully more enjoyable plans.

Sunday was Newcastle on the bus. Fartown won. Catalans subsequently sacked their coach.

My phone camera stopped working. I left my library book propping open our bedroom window. They will post it on. I won't have to go up on the train like last time to recover property. Small hiatus at the checkout - can you deduct our deposit? "We never ask for money" "Oh". Otherwise I'm speechless. The childbride had mixed it up with another deposit.

On the way home from 'the fish that passeth all understanding' at the Angel, we two boys catch some sport in the Blue Ball unbeknown to the ladies, who are window-shopping, so we thought. They proceeded quickly to the Wheatsheaf where they were locked out. It is in the process of being sold and is only open for B&B. They knock on the door, and Del, the landlord, pokes his nose out of a second storey window. He lets them in "They'll be in the pub". I am unable to recollect how we were greeted back later that evening. But they don't let go, do they? We were the toast of the staff at breakfast and any time the childbride had the opportunity to have a chat with someone.

Incidentally, whilst in the Blue Ball, we met two couples from Stalybridge who were Fartown supporters. Before Fartown they supported Swinton. Someone had to.

The lady who is posting my library book was more than pleasant when I rung Tuesday morning. "Yes, I remember you". How could she forget?

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